Twin Flame Synchronicity

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Twin Flame Synchronicity


I’ve just begun to offer synchronicity reading for Twin Flames. This comes from the inspiration of my relationship with my Twin Flame and our synergistic similarities and polarities. I’ve decided that I can share this with you so you can get an idea of what it looks like!


He and I met in 1999, for me it was the timber of his voice, it resonated deep into my soul. Then I couldn’t have known all that I do now, but I felt it.

In twin flame relationships there are often interesting “oppositions” that are there for each partner to learn from. For my partner and I our first polarized aspect is our Western Sun signs. He is a Leo, I am an Aquarius. The following is a basic look at how the synchronities can flow between partners…

Him: Leo Sun, Leo Ascendant, Scorpio Moon
Her: Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Ascendant, Sagittarius Moon

Him: Name Numerology = 7
Her Name Numerology = 7

His Bday Numerology = 7
Her B-day Numerology = 7

His day numerology = 13
Her day numerology = 7

His Mayan Tzolkin B-day: 9 Men, Manik, Ben
Her Mayan Tzolkin B-day: 9 Kib, Lamat, Ben

His Mayan Dreamspell B-day: 1 Eb, Eb, Manik, Muluc, Ik
Her Mayan Dreamspell B-day: 13 Eb, Kib, Manik, Muluc, Ik

In 2012  Her B-day was: 11 Muluc, Cauac, Etznab
His : 4 Oc, Manik, Etznab

In 2013 Hers will be : 13 Men, Akbal, Akbal
His: 5 Men, Chuen, Akbal

In the DreamSpell in 2013 the day charts for these partners will be identical except for the tone of the day.

His: 13 Ik, Cimi, Caban, Cauac, Eb
Hers: 8 Ik, Cimi, Caban, Cauac, Eb

twin flame synchronicity



General Insights…
(the Twin Flame signs reading will go more in depth than I am here)
7 In the tarot is the card of the Lovers, a sacred and intense number 7 energy is highly spiritual and expansive. Very likely to be attracted together to working in spirit related fields and connecting on a very spiritually deep level. They are both likely to be very empathic with one another and share a psychic connection.

Leo and Aquarius are polar opposites in the sky yet the airy nature of Aquarius gives Leo’s fire lots of fuel! This is likely a very passionate relationship in every aspect. Every decision will be weighed against it’s spiritual value together and as individuals. The polarized natures of these 2 signs make them great partners, like a cosmic jigsaw puzzle these 2 fit together, enhancing and balancing each others natural qualities.

In the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar the same signs with polarized tones also reflect this aspect of the partnership. He carries the tone 1, she carries the tone 13, giving them each different approaches to things, complementing their over all relationship dynamic.

In 2012 each partner has very different qualities to work with for the year coming through the calendars, but in 2013 they synchronize, becoming true mirrors of each others energy! The subtle differences in tone will allow the similarities to express with their own flavors keeping the energy flowing and balancing any tendencies to butt heads..


The twin flame relationship is a special gift! As we honor and cherish each other, we can learn from this core relationship how to love unconditionally and to see ourselves in the other and them in ourselves, allowing our empathic and psychic natures to become more fully realized!

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